5 hair mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding

5 hair mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding
As a wigmaker, one question I always get asked is how to have the perfect hair for a wedding, and oftentimes a lot of people make mistakes that lead to stress during their wedding or during the planning of their wedding. Here are five hair mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding.

Trying a new hairstyle on the wedding day: It is essential to avoid experimenting with a new hairstyle on your wedding day. Stick to a style you've tried and tested before the big day to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Not factoring in the weather: Weather conditions can significantly affect your hair, so it is vital to factor in the weather when choosing a hairstyle. For instance, if it's a windy area, a long, flowing style may not be the best choice.

Not coordinating with the wedding dress: Your hair should complement your wedding dress, so it's important to coordinate the style with the gown. If you have a detailed or elaborate dress, it's best to keep the hair simple and vice versa.

Waiting too long to book a hairstylist: Booking a hairstylist in advance is essential, as the best professionals get booked quickly. Waiting too long may mean that you miss out on getting the hairstylist you want or even having one at all.

Overusing hair products: While you may want your hair to look perfect, overusing hair products can leave your hair looking and feeling greasy or sticky. Use products sparingly and only where necessary to avoid any unwanted buildup.

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