Aside from looking fabulous, there are other perks to owning a peruca from The Virgin Hair Fantasy. We strive to provide superior customer service, and to take care of our clients from purchase onward. A few ways that we do that is by providing perks. 

Perks, as in benefits to owning our product. Here are ways that we work hard to continue to provide the Peruca Experience for our clients after purchase. 

Fairy Dust

To reward our loyal clients that shop with us, follow us on IG, or refer friends etc., we want to sprinkle you with “fairy dust.” Fairy dust is easy to earn and ranges from 25 to 100 points. Apply accumulated points to your next purchase. 

To start accumulating fairy dust, click on the rewards box in the bottom left corner of the TVHF website. Earn 100 fairy dust points just by signing up for the program. Accumulate dust for every dollar you spend from that moment on. Don’t miss out, get sprinkled today. 

Peruca Upgrade

This option is for our clients that have had a peruca for six months to eight years, actually any length of time. You purchased your peruca, you dyed it, cut it, never wore it, or wore the heck out of it, and now you’re ready for a new one. Don’t throw it away, we can give you a credit towards your next purchase. Let us upgrade you. 


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