Healthy hair is a dream of many, many people. A dream that is not always easy to achieve. There are ways to achieve it, one of them being extensions. The only trouble is that your regular hair care product of choice often does not play well with extensions. And the special product to care for your extensions wreaks havoc upon your hair. 

Newly introduced line of hair care products The Virgin Hair Fantasy has the solution for that. The line consists of a cleanser, two different conditioners, a serum, a control paste and a conditioning masque. All of them can be used on both your own hair and your extensions.

The ARGAN OIL Cleanser softens and moisturizes without impeding the color of your hair or any straightening you might have done. It is enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil, one of the rarest oils in our world, and the cleanser hydrates your hair, thus eliminating any feeling of dryness or brittleness. Your hair will feel soft and look shiny.
The ARGAN OIL Conditioner is also infused with the Argan Oil. It gently detangles an moisturizes your hair or extensions without the heavy feeling added by many conditioners. It contains both antioxidants and vitamins that help strengthen dry and brittle hair and calming frizzy ends. A useful capacity of the Argan Oil in this conditioner is that it naturally protects your hair from UV light and dehydration. It is safe for use on colored, straightened and chemically treated hair.

Normally, after applying conditioner, you let it soak in a bit and then rinse it off. Not so with the LEAVE-IN conditioner. As the name suggests, you apply it and then leave it in. This conditioner hydrates and uses Pro Vitamin B5 to repair damaged hair and seal split ends. Its smoothing ingredients help to prevent hair breakage and control frizz. Can be used on colored, straightened and chemically treated hair.

Next in line is the SERUM that is enriched with Argan Oil, this is applied after shampooing and massaged into the hair. It then is absorbed quickly and penetrates deeply into your hair, thus providing a treatment that leads to a silky smooth texture and a luxurious shine. The serum can also be used to stimulate hair growth on your hairline. The serum is safe to be used on colored, straightened and chemically treated hair.

Up until now, we have only discussed the members of the Virgin Hair Fantasy product family that can be used when washing your hair. Obviously, like any line for hair care, this line would not be complete without at least one option for styling. Infused with Argan Oil and Coconut Oil, the CONTROL PASTE is meant to create texture and medium hold, while it helps repair and moisturize all hair types. It also adds shine to your hair. Just work a small amount in short dry hair or use it on the ends of longer hair to define. 

The final product in the line-up is the CONDITIONING MASQUE, that also contains Argan Oil, and Shea Butter besides that. The masque deeply penetrates the cuticle and rebuilds strength, restores elasticity and hydrates hair that is either dry or damaged. Works very well with extensions and is safe for colored, straightened and chemically treated hair.

You can see that the Virgin Hair Fantasy line is very complete and will surely satisfy all your needs, both for your natural hair and your extensions.

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