Tired of heat damage to your hair? Having trouble blending, bald spots, thinning edges and breakage? Then you will love TVHF Custom Closure as the best alternative.

Closures are a circle or square shaped lace that has hair attached to it, so it can be used on the top or side of your head in order to make your extensions look more natural when wearing a full head of weave. TVHF Custom Closures Concept was developed for women who want to look great without damaging their natural hair. Below are the reasons why you need a TVHF Custom Closure:

1. TVHF Custom Closures offer versatile parting to create the effect of a natural hairline. Clients can part closures in the middle or on the side.

2. Color Options are limitless because you can lighten or darken the closure to your desired color without fear of damaging your natural hair.

3. Being able to protect your hair from heat damage while having countless styling options is heaven on earth. TVHF Custom Closures require little or no maintenance.

4. Blending, blending, blending. This is the most important reason to own TVHF Custom Closure because blending in seamless. The scalp color and density looks very natural.

5. TVHF Custom Closures are not a final sale. Yes you can return them unworn if you are not 100% satisfied.

TVHF handmade custom closures are made to fit your needs from scalp color, bleached knots to density. After a client places an order a Custom Fairy contacts the client via phone to ask questions to help with the customization of their closure, after the closure is complete a photo is sent to the client for approval. A great closure can change your life and open you up to countless styling options. Blending your leave out with your install is the most important step in achieving natural looking gorgeous hair. Let TVHF do the work for you.

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