How to get your insurance to pay for your wig.

How to get your insurance to pay for your wig.

After much research, I found out that over 40% of insurance companies pay for a cranial prosthesis. Cranial prosthesis is another word for wig. For some people getting a wig is a medical necessity. If you fall into this category it’s important you get the insurance to pay for it in full or partially.

Please read below to see a list of how.
1. Diagnosis: A medical doctor will have to diagnose you with the medical condition that causes your hair loss.
2. Insurance Benefit: Just because it’s not listed on your policy doesn’t mean you’re not covered, you want to call them to see if you can get a pre-approval before you go purchase a wig. Please be aware of the terms used, a lot of insurance company will not approve the claim that has a wig on it because they view it as cosmetic. You want to use the medical terms like cranial prosthesis,  hair prosthesis, cranial hair prosthesis or extracranial prosthesis. Contact your medical insurance to ask them if they cover cranial prosthesis or medical necessary wigs and find out what the percentage they cover and what else you need to show them to get the process going. Find out your out of pocket limit deductible requirements E.T.C. before moving forward.
3. A written prescription from your doctor. After your diagnoses, your doctor can prescribe a cranial prosthesis or a necessary wig for you. A medical code along with the bill for your Wig can be submitted to the insurance company. Wig makers or companies can be reimbursed or insurance companies can be billed directly.
4. Who you buy your wig from is extremely important. You want to make sure that you are purchasing your wig from a company that has a Taxpayer Identification Number. You also want to make sure the company or person you’re getting it from is a reputable professional and reliable. The last thing you want to deal with is a company that will give you the runaround, please check out The Virgin Hair Fantasy.  We are experienced at taking care of clients with all types of hair concerns. We have been supplying great quality service and products as a company for over 10 years and we cannot wait to assist you. Please click on these links to check out our Instagram page and YouTube channel to see our work. You can also call us at 18552804247.

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