Myths About Wearing Wigs

Myths About Wearing Wigs

When it comes to wigs, there are quite a few myths. You want it to look natural, feel great, and not cost too much. That’s why it’s important to be well educated when it comes to wigs, their quality, your options, and any other questions you might have. So, today, we're going to be talking about the myths around wearing wigs. 

Myth #1: Wigs are Expensive

Are all wigs expensive? No, not all wigs are expensive, they range in price so you can get the wig that meets your needs in your budget. Wigs can range from $200 to $3,000 to even more. However, you just need to do your research and find the ones that meet your needs and your budget. A good quality wig doesn't have to cost a whole lot.

Myth #2: People Will Notice You’re Wearing A Wig

Will people notice you wearing a wig? Not when your wig is chosen correctly! When you get a wig that looks natural, in the right size for you, and with the right lace color, you will look amazing and natural. Just make sure when you are shopping that the wigmaker is aware of your needed lace color because the lace color and sizing are key! Once you’ve purchased your wig and you’re ready to wear it, watch several tutorials or have a friend who’s worn one before teaching you! With these precautions taken, no one will notice that you’re wearing a wig.

Myth #3: Wigs are Itchy and Uncomfortable

The third myth is the fact that wigs are itchy and uncomfortable when in reality, wigs are quite comfortable to wear. Our owner has been wearing wigs for over 12 years,  and she knows her stuff! The materials used to make wigs are breathable materials and they have adjustable straps that make it really easy to adjust, and your wig and keep it snug on your head so you don't have to worry. So, it can be super comfortable and easy to wear!

Myth #4: Wigs are Hot and Sweaty

The fourth myth is that wigs are hot and sweaty. Again, no. Wigs are made with very cool  and stretchy materials to keep you from getting hot. The only wig that could maybe make you sweat will be a wig that's made on a spandex dome cap. And that is just one style of wig. There are about five or six constructions of wigs. So you can use the one that works for you. I would say go with the breathable fabric, and you’ll be all set! To do this, when you're purchasing a wig, just ask the wigmaker what fabric is used, and you can choose if you want breathable fabric. 

Some people that live in colder regions prefer the spandex dome cap because it actually keeps their heads warm. But if you're in a hotter region, you can then ask for the fabric that's breathable, which a lot of wigmakers offer all types of cap constructions. 

Myth #5: Wigs Don’t Look Real

The fifth and final myth is that wigs don't look real. They absolutely do look real. You just need to choose a natural-looking wig, and make sure the sizing lace is perfect for you. When people see our Virgin Hair Fantasy wigs, people are stunned to see us take our wigs off every single time. We do this to illustrate how natural the wigs look! We've done wigs for television shows, commercials, and everyday people. They're all able to show up looking as natural as possible.

Hopefully, this answered a few of your questions or addressed some concerns you may have had. If you’d like more proof that you can see, go to website. We have videos of us taking off the wig, so you can see the before and after. Just make sure you do your research and carefully select a wigmaker and wig that suits your needs. 

The truth is, this wig-wearing life is so amazing. It just offers you so many options. You can be confident, change out your look, and truly express yourself more than ever before. This can help with your mental health as well as confidence. In today’s online world, we have to show up in front of people all the time. Feeling and looking confident, as well as beautiful, is worth so much! 

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