Getting to know your Wigmaker

Jane your Wigmaker

Jane Harris has been in the wig making business for over 12 years. She got her start as the main Virgin Hair Fairy with just $500, and a vision to break free from an unfulfilling job. Her passion for wigs started with a need to feel confident with her own hair. Tired of sewing, and gluing in tracks regularly, Jane figured out how to make wigs. What started as a simple passion has grown into what you see today. The passion to help women boost their self esteem is one of the main drives of your wigmaker. You often see Jane in front of the camera showing you the latest styles. But I bet you didn’t know these five things about your wigmaker.

Avid Reader

Jane is an avid reader of non-fiction, mostly self help books. She considers the authors of some of her favorite books her mentors. Reading keeps her motivated to be her best. You can usually find Jane reading, or listening to audiobooks while making wigs. As a busy entrepreneur and mom, audiobooks keep her hands free and provide her with knowledge while being creative.


You’ve seen Jane and Ed’s three beautiful children, but did you know that Jane is not only an entrepreneur. She also homeschools their three children. Balancing lesson plans and business wasn’t the easiest decision for Jane to make, but it was the best decision the family ever made. Working with a solid schedule keeps the kids on track and keeping them home lessened the stress of school during a pandemic.


The Harris family, Jane, Chef Ed, and their three children, have been plant based for six years. The switch was slow, eliminating red meat, poultry, dairy, and eventually seafood to become vegan. If you watch The Virgin Hair Fantasy on Instagram, you’ll see what Jane and Chef Ed have cooked up. Since going vegan, Jane has more energy and finds it easy to maintain her sleek physique post three children.


Jane’s husband, Chef Ed is the chef of the house but Jane just took up baking. Inspired by her love of the vegan lifestyle, Jane decided to get in the kitchen and play around with new vegan treats. It’s a way to satisfy sweet cravings, be creative and spend more time with her husband and best friend Chef Ed.


Yep, you read that right. Jane the realtor. While living in NYC, Jane became a certified realtor for the state of New York. She sold homes briefly before leaping fully into her passion of wigmaking. Not an easy test to pass, Jane did it to prove to herself that she could, and it was the first steps in deciding to break free from retail management work.

Hope you enjoyed that brief session of “Getting to know your Wigmaker.” Stay tuned to see what else Jane adds to her toolbox aside from being creative with hair and wig caps.

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