What Is The Raw Peruca?

Pros & Cons

At the Virgin Hair Fantasy, there’s a ready to wear collection, and then there’s the raw collection. For now, we’re going to focus on the raw collection. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think. You’re not going to open up your TVHF box to find a bundle of hair, thread and a net to construct a wig from scratch. No. It’s just a little more natural than the ready to wear collection. What are the pros and cons you ask? Let’s chat about it. 

We’ll start with the cons. They really aren’t that huge of a negative to be honest. The main thing about the raw collection is you have to style the baby hairs yourself. That means, you have to section off the small whisps of hair, and trim them with a razor on your own. If that sounds scary, we’ve got you covered. And by covered I mean, Jane created a video showing raw peruca owners how to create their own baby hairs. It’s literally step by step and so easy, a first time peruca owner could do it. 

The other con is the hair isn’t styled for you. Is that really a “con” though? So, we’ll call this a pro/con combo. Think of your raw peruca as a blank canvas. Instead of getting your peruca styled a certain way, you have the creative control to create a custom look! You can style it yourself, or…take it to your trusted stylist and see what you two come up with together. That means, you can cut it any way you want, you could color it and create a bomb look that nobody else has. How awesome is that? Sounds to me like you’re on your way to being a wigmaker too if you take this route. 

The biggest pro of the raw peruca is price. The raw is less expensive than the ready to wear collection because of the lack of baby hairs and overall hair styling. You save money by creating your own style. 

The raw collection ships out in one to three business days. Some of the ready to wear collection can take up to 10, or maybe even 12 days to ship out to you. The raw collection is a great buy if you want your wig fast. Looking glamorous with half the wait sounds amazing to me.  

If the raw collection sounds like the way to go for you, you have two options: straight or yaki. If you like a textured look, your best bet is the yaki hair, which looks like relaxed African American hair. If you want a more silky look, the raw straight is the choice for you. Either peruca is easy to wear in a simple blow dried look. Simply style your baby hairs, pop on your peruca and you look carefree, but pulled together. Effortless style is the new effort. 

Think of raw perucas as a blank slate. The sky’s the limit to what you can create. Also, as mentioned, you also save a little money. Coins you can apply to your next peruca purchase when Jane and Chef Ed host the next auction. 

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