Wigfidence 101

My hair loss started in high school. It started with hair loss, which escalated to hair thinning. Not only could I not wear hairstyles that I wanted, but also, I couldn’t get a weave to cover up the loss and thinning. 

Losing my hair affected my confidence. Not just in high school, but beyond as well. Some people say, “It’s just hair.” It’s true, it is just hair, but it’s also something that frames the face, and is a confidence booster for myself and countless other women. 

Be careful not to be dismissive of the things other people want and need to feel good about themselves. I no longer feel self conscious about my hair, and that’s because of my wigs. Being able to part, and style my hair the way I want adds to my confidence and it does the same thing for my clients. I take my job seriously, as well as the care of my clients. 

If you’re suffering from hair loss, know that you're not alone in your journey. There are countless other women experiencing hair loss. We at The Virgin Hair Fantasy are here to help you build the confidence you seek. Reach out to us via Instagram or chat and let us help you make a purchase and enhance your confidence. 

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