Three Tips to Ensure the Best Fit for your Wig

The fit of your peruca is essential to feeling confident and secure when you step out on the town. The last thing you want to worry about is if your wig is going to come off, or actually looks like a wig. Going glueless saves you time, and increases the longevity of your peruca. It does take a few tricks to get the best look possible though. Don't worry, we've got a few tips to get you started. Measure your head There are a few measurements necessary to ensure the proper fit of your peruca. A well fitted peruca sits snugly on your head, and enhances the natural appearance of our glueless line. We created videos highlighting the proper way to measure your head. Visit our YouTube channel, and Instagram page to see a tutorial of head measurements. Getting this one thing correct is the best thing you can do to ensure a secure fit. It's the difference between your peruca sitting securely without shifting backwards during the day. Not cute Anchor Braids The way you style your hair under your peruca gives it a flat, natural looking appearance. Braiding the hair down properly keeps that infamous hump from happening. You know the hump that's a tell tale sign of wearing a wig. We don't want that! There's a photo on Instagram of our recommended braid down. It's quick and easy to do with minimal skill. You can do it yourself or work with your stylist. Even if you decide to try your own braid pattern, make sure the braids are flat, and feel smooth when running your hand over them. Choose braids over twists, and of possible straighten the hair first. Secure straps Your glueless peruca comes with straps at the nape. It's easy to get so excited about wearing your new girl out, that you forget to secure them. But don't. They help keep her tight to your head. Secure both sides, making sure they're equidistant. They don't have to be tight enough to cause a pucker, but they definitely need to be secure. It takes less than a minute to get them attached. Glueless keeps you from having to...glue, yes. But there are still a few steps to make sure you have the most natural look possible. Follow these simple steps to get your peruca on, and looking fabulous. We can't wait to see how great you look in your style of choice. Be sure to tag us, or send a review to our inbox. We appreciate you!

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